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We Texans are breed unto ourselves (even if we happen not to have been born here) and we love Texas. Even though this video is an advertisement for our largest grocery chain HEB, it says a lot about what’s unique here and how we feel about our state. It also gives you a pretty good video tour of some of the best places in the Lone Star State – starting right here in good ole San Antonio, Texas.

Watch the it here and  head on back to hear again any time you get the hankering to be in Texas.



Snow day in San Antonio!

It’s not very often that we get snow here in San Antonio, Texas – and I can’t say I was one of the excited ones waiting for it. BUT it was a pleasure to look out my window this morning to see the grounds here at The Historic Pearl Brewery covered in a light blanket of snow. I even ventured out in my jammies and hiking boots to get some pictures.

The picture here is of the recently opened Park at Pearl that sits on the bank of the San Antonio River – Museum Reach. I did a little slipping and sliding getting back there to take a few pictures and have more of the other beautiful buildings here on the property. My Facebook friends can check out my album. If you’re not a Facebook friend and want to be, just comment below and I’ll send you a friend request. I post lots on Facebook about what’s happening in Downtown and MidTown San Antonio and especially here at Pearl where I live and work. I’m on Twitter too as @SanAntonioism. Come follow me. I’m a better poster than blogger right now!

By the way, The Park at Pearl should look a lot different tomorrow as people fill in and the rest of the grounds here for Pearl Fit Fest. It’s from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and since the weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow I bet it will still go on. Check Pearl’s website for updates and all the details.

Happy SanAntonioism Snow Day!



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Let me know if you’d like to have a market report for your neighborhood.

I love San Antonio!

Unbelievable! That’s the only way to describe the coming together of the people of  San Antonio that I have observed in last few months.

From MidTown Brackenridge meetings to SA2020 to the Downtown Summit and now the HemisFair Park workshop last night, I feel the spirit of our community and concern of our city leaders for San Antonians and what we want and need. There is just something so special about gathering with people from all walks of life who continue to come together to make San Antonio a better place.

No one wants to make it a different place – we love who we are and we’re proud to “Keep San Antonio Lame” as the bumper sticker says. We poke fun at what others seem to think about us because we know who we are and we know we live in one of the most special places in the world. We validate ourselves but love to hear those who come here to work with us in our planning marvel at who we are, the jewel that is San Antonio and the feeling that permeates our community. As one group said last night, we celebrate everything in San Antonio.

Sure, there are things we need to make better but we’re working on it and I’m thrilled to be part of the planning. Maybe it’s since I became an Urban Girl I feel more a part of everything San Antonio. I see the life beneath my window and I want to be part of everything that’s happening; to make my voice heard and hear the voices of movers and shakers and everyday people like myself and your voice too.

Like I said, I love San Antonio!

San Antonio B-Cycle is taking memberships now. Join the bicycling revolution even if you don’t own a bicycle. There will be 14 locations around the downtown area with 140 bicycles available.

Discover San Antonio up close and personal in a different way.


I thought the Beatles “When I’m 64” might give me insight into this auspicious birthday but I was wrong. Paul and John seemed to think 64 was going to be an age of  “doing the garden, digging the weeds, who could ask for more (? – that’s my ? mark) … grandchildren on your knee … wasting away”. Oh my goodness! Well, they were young. what did they know???

While I don’t like the sound of the number, I must say it has nothing to do with me! It’s just a number and hopefully anyone who knows me does not associate me with it. My new friend Laura emailed me the sweetest message today and made my day. She said,”Whatever age you are, you have the energy and enthusiasm of a 6 year old, coupled with the wisdom and  intelligence of a 60-something and THAT is a fantastic combination!!” Wow, thank you, Laura!

That’s the way I want to see myself and have the world see me. This year has been a terrific year of growth and change for me. I finally put the grief of a lost loved one behind me (I’ll always miss him but do not continue to grieve his death); I moved into a new place and new world that bring me joy every day; I made some fantastic new friends who offer me opportunities to learn, grow and make more new friends in the coming year; I helped some wonderful people in their searches for homes and made their friendships along the way; I contributed to my industry by participation in committees and organizations; I grew and learned so much. I had a terrific year!

Turning 64 means living the 65th year of your life. It all sounds so old but I don’t feel old and I refuse to participate. My favorite saying is, “We don’t quit playing because we grow old; we grow old because we quit playing”. My son Andrew told me at lunch today that I’m a lot more fun than I use to be so maybe I am playing more. My grandson thinks I can do anything he does and expects me to do it. I know I certainly plan to play even more this year and I invite you to come play with me!

Here in Military City USA we strive to serve those who serve our country in every way we can. This post is a reminder of the extension of the Home Buyer Tax Credits ($8000 for First Time Buyers or $6500 for Repeat Buyers).

As the article linked above explains, members of the military and certain other federal employees serving outside the U.S. have an extra year to buy a principal residence in the U.S. and qualify for the credit. Thus, an eligible taxpayer must buy, or enter into a binding contract to buy, a principal residence on or before April 30, 2011. If a binding contract is entered into by that date, the taxpayer has until June 30, 2011, to close on the purchase. Members of the uniformed services, members of the Foreign Service and employees of the intelligence community are eligible for this special rule. It applies to any individual (and, if married, the individual’s spouse) who serves on qualified official extended duty service outside of the United States for at least 90 days during the period beginning after Dec. 31, 2008, and ending before May 1, 2010.

I’d love to help you or anyone you know who is eligible for this program to take advantage of it. Contact me today at Be ready to receive “Service Beyond Your Wildest Expectations!”.

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